40 Washi Tape Projects – Cards, Cases, Chalkboards and More!

40 Washi Tape Projects; for more washi projects and inspiration visit thewashiblog.com | #washi #washitape

Well we’re almost two months in on this fun collaboration that is The Washi Blog! We’ve had such a fun time featuring fun, creative and lovely washi projects each and every day! We’ve had so many great projects so far that we thought we’d round some up for you in one great place, so take a look at these fab features and visit the creative geniuses behind the washi crafts!

    1. Washi Tape Decorated Mailboxes
    2. Washi Tape French Manicure
    3. Washi Tape Chevron Manicure
    4. Washi Tape Business Cards
    5. Washi Tape Nativity Ornament
    6. Washi Tape Clothespin Letters
    7. Washi Tape Phone Case
    8. Washi Party Hat Cupcake Topper
    9. Washi Tape Straw Bow Ties
    10. Washi Tape Art
    11. Washi Tape Gift Box
    12. Washi Tape Stash Tin
    13. Washi Tape Light Switch & Outlet Covers
    14. Washi Flower Pencils
    15. Washi Tape Domino Magnets
    16. Washi Tape Make Up Brush Holder
    17. Washi Tape Notebooks
    18. Washi Tape Table
    19. Washi Tape Place Cards
    20. Washi Tape Chalkboard
    21. Washi Tape Picture Frame
    22. Washi Tape Notecards
    23. Washi Tape Shutter Organizer
    24. Washi Tape Paint Chip Photo Book
    25. Washi Tape Basket
    26. Washi Tape Note Pads
    27. Washi Tape Packaged Salt Scrub
    28. Washi Tape Money Jar
    29. Washi Tape Globe Upcycle
    30. Washi Tape Nail Polish Lids
    31. Washi Tape Treat Packaging
    32. Washi Tape Bicycle Helmet
    33. Washi Tape Bookmarks
    34. Washi Tape Embellished Stationery
    35. Washi Tape Dispenser Makeover
    36. Washi Tape Bow
    37. Washi Tape Greeting Cards
    38. Washi Tape Monogram Wall Art
    39. Washi Tape Pendant Necklaces
    40. Washi Tape Halloween Boo Buckets

That’s a whole lot of washi goodness, right? Which project is your favorite? We hope you’ve enjoyed the daily washi features, along with our #WinWashiWednesday washi giveaways! What would you like to see more of from The Washi Blog? Let us know! Until then, keep calm and washi on!


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  1. I love these! Thanks for putting them all together and giving me some new projects to try. I buy a good $50 in washi tape every couple of months for projects and packaging!

    • Kimberly S says

      I love the projects you’ve submitted so far Rebecca! I love how you package things and use washi so creatively!

  2. Love this! I’ve just discovered washi tape – now I’m hankering to put it on everything! Great round -up! 🙂

  3. I have a question for a Washi Tape expert. What makes decorative tape Washi tape? Are some decorative tapes Washi and some not? I have bought some that is called Decorative tape and want to be sure I am using the right term on my blog. Thanks for your help.

    Karen Hasheck

    • Kimberly S says

      Hi Karen! It’s all decorative tape – I think washi is the term that comes out of Japan, for the original colorful tape made from rice paper. But I really think you can get away with calling it all washi tape! We all know what you mean! 😉

  4. i want some washi tape now, to make these crafts. 🙁 🙁

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