Hi there! It’s Kimberly from A Night Owl here, and I’m so excited to bring you The Washi Blog – a blog that is all washi, all day. Over this past year I dove head first into the world of DIY and Crafting and discovered a new obsession with Washi Tape. I began some “washi research” with 100 Ways to Washi, which has been a big hit, and I realized that there is a demand for washi project inspiration and that it’s not just in my head! Thus, The Washi Blog was born.

What is Washi Tape?

Washi paper tape was developed by a Japanese masking tape company back in 2006 in response to demand from local artists. It is strong, thin, and less sticky than regular tape, and colorful and artistic, which makes it ideal for all sorts of crafting.

Where can you buy it?

While Washi Tape is still somewhat difficult to find in stores, your best bet is online. There are stores specifically set up to sell washi; Etsy is also a great source with an assortment of shops and selections.

Submit your project!

If you’ve been bit by the washi bug and have beautifully created washi tape projects, submit them here to be featured on The Washi Blog! Let’s create and be inspired together! Find This custom writer uk.