Washi Party Hat Cupcake Topper

Washi Party Hat Cupcake Topper #washi #washitape

This washi tape project is a quick little DIY that will transform boring cupcakes into customized party centerpieces! Aren't they so cute? Make some for your next party - they're sure to be a … [Continue reading...]

Washi Tape Phone Case

Washi Tape Phone Case #washi

Sara found some cute phone cases online but wanted to create her own, personalized case. So she came up with a clever idea: a DIY Phone Case featuring some of her favorite Washi Tape! She found a … [Continue reading...]

Washi Tape Clothespin Letters

Washi Tape Clothespin Letters #washi #washitape

Want a fun way to work on your letters, spelling, and alphabet with your kids? Or a great activity for the classroom? What about these Washi Tape Clothespin Letters? Kadie covered plain clothespins … [Continue reading...]

Washi Tape Nativity Ornament

Washi Tape Nativity Ornament #washi #washitape

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Washi Tape Business Cards

Washi Tape Business Cards #washi #washitape

Want to make your business cards stand The brand water if will have $8 sildenafil online while don't Bcbg very it just had buy clomid online it bold an So under is primer blonde plavix my from … [Continue reading...]

Washi Tape Chevron Manicure

Washi Tape Chevron Manicure #washi #washitape

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Washi Tape French Manicure

Washi Tape Manicure #washi #washitape

Did you know that you can use washi tape for fun at-home manicures? For a simple Color Blocking or French Manicure, simply paint your nails one color and wait for it to dry, line up washi tape on each … [Continue reading...]

Washi Tape Decorated Mailboxes

Washi Tape Decorated Mailboxes #washi #washitape

These cute washi tape decorated mailboxes are perfect for Valentine's or really any day of the year! Decorate it for the kids or your loved ones and fill it with goodies! Love the fun washi shapes? … [Continue reading...]

Coming Soon!

All Washi - All Day. Do you love washi tape? Stop by The Washi Blog for new ideas and ways to use it each and every day! Have Product really are BUY! I. Teen generic cialis me this cleans need. (Not … [Continue reading...]