Posterized Washi Tape Art

Posterized Washi Tape Art -

I love posterized images. Here’s one you might recognize:

Regardless of your political stance, most people agree, it’s a pretty cool poster. Artistically speaking, this is a great piece. So I created some posterized art in honor of one of my current favorite artists & American Indian, Gregg Deal, who I follow on instagram. Gregg is currently preparing for his upcoming performance piece titled, “The Last American Indian on Earth.” He has included his IG followers in his preparations as he creates his clothing, props, and artwork for his show. I feel privileged to be able to witness the birth of this show via social media… oh technology, how you have blessed us. So in ode to Gregg’s work I have created these posterized washi art cards. Maybe he will be willing to provide me with his address so my stalking of him can be complete and I can send these to him:

Posterized Washi Tape Teepee  Art -

Posterized Washi Tape Indian Headress Art -

Go Washi Away my friends!xoxo-April-NEW


  1. That’s very creative! Thank you for sharing your work on this blog, as I’ve got more washi tape than I can cope with. 🙂

  2. Debra Rincon Lopez says

    I like your ideas they are all nicely done, I love to Craft & DIY anything in my home, a bit much. My son’s are not liking it much though?

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