Washi Tape Bookmarks

Do you have someone in your life who is a “reader”? Like every allusion they make is to a book, every time you’re like “So, what’s new?” they dive into this long explanation of the book they are currently reading? Or when you see a movie they always say “The book was so much better!” My BFF is a reader and she is getting married! So excited for her. So for her bridal shower we chose a “Book Lover’s” theme. (You can see the whole thing here.) For the party favors for the guests to take home I made some Washi Bookmarks as a momento of the occasion.

Washi bookmark supplies

I used some premade kraft bookmarks, Martha Stewart lace, and a white fine tip paint pen, washi “bookpage” tape and my trusty laminator.

washi bookmarks washi tape - illistyle.com

I places strips of the washi tape on the bookmarks, leaving enough room to write a quote to one side (or above tape.)

washi book marks message - illistyle.com

hen I used my white paint pen to add quotes from the bride’s favorite books… all the quotes I chose were about love, of course.

washi bookmark laminate - illistyle.com

The worst part was cutting off all the excess lamination, but in reality I like jobs like this, so to me it wasn’t terrible.

washi bookmarks remove excess - illistyle.com

Then I repunched the hole for the ribbon (through the fresh, new lamination)

washi bookmarks repunch hole - illistyle.com

Then I cut my lace like so:

Cut and add lace - illistyle.com

and tried each one by folding the lace in half (as shown above), pulling the fold from the back of the bookmark through to the front, then bringing the ends over the top and tucking them through the loop I had created, and pulling them up straight. Like this:

washi bookmark how to tie lace - illistyle.com

Washi bookmarks completed - illistyle.com

I then took an old Reader’s Digest book form the 1970’s and folded each page in half so that I could display the bookmarks

washi bookmark presentation - illistylecom

The Bride loved this so much she kept it on her coffee table to display cards they receive (oh newlyweds! so cute.)

Washi Tape Bookmark - thewashiblog.com

Go Washi Away my friends!



  1. so cute! i’ve had some of those craft bookmarks sitting around for a couple of years…now i know what to do with them! 🙂 Pinned it, and will be doing this project over my summer break. Thanks!

  2. So adorable! It sounds very complicated though! LOL.


  3. What a clever idea! LOVE it!

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