Washi Tape Note Pads

Washi Tape Note Pads; for more inspiration and washi projects visit thewashiblog.com | #washi #washitapeDid you make something special for the teachers in your

life for Teacher’s Appreciation day? Diana took small legal notepads and embellished the binding with washi tape. She then hand stamped the pages to personalize it. What a cute and personal gift, right? Whether for Teacher Appreciation, end or beginning of the school year, these personalized Washi Tape Notepads would make great gifts!

Find Diana’s entire post at The Girl Creative.



  1. This is so wonderfu!!! I love this so much. So simple yet it has a very nice impact. Very neat as well.

  2. Margarita Law says

    That is so cute!! I love its design so simple but it is very attractive. I am pretty sure that if this will be your gift to your teacher she would be so much happy.

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