Washi Tape Organization

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Hi friends! It’s Thrifty Thursday and today I’m sharing a fun, easy and thrifty way to organize your Washi Tape collection! So let’s start out with a story. I’ve had a few rolls of washi tape for a while. I created my first washi project back in April, a Washi Tape Vase. Over months I bought one roll here and one roll there, and so tossing my cute little collection into a vintage Atlas jar seemed the perfect form of washi tape organization.

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

But then, thanks to sales and Pick Your Plum, my washi tape collection has grown…

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

I tried multiple jars – and though they were cute – I found myself frustrated with not being able to see my entire collection and having to dump out the whole jar just to get that roll that I wanted on the bottom (of course)! Then I saw this washi tape organization idea by No Biggie and I was inspired to go thrifting to find a similar solution! So I headed down to my local AZ Goodwill on 50% off Saturday to look around. Now, I never seem to find things when I’m “looking” for them, so when I came across this contraption, I was giddy!

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Do you know what it is? It’s a spool rack! A June Tailor Cone Thread Rack to be exact. And this $23 beauty was marked down to $2.99 at Goodwill, which means just $1.49 half-off. I wasn’t too sure if it would work, but at less than $2 it was worth a try! So I snagged it, ran (ok, drove) home and tried it out immediately. And it is PERFECT.

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Such a fun way to organize your collection of washi tape! #washi #washitape #organization

Such a fun washi tape organization system, don’t you think? Currently it fits all of my collection, with room to grow, YAY! And now I can see exactly what I have and I can get to it easily! And a bonus: it has two holes in the back for hanging. Once I have an idea of what I want to do with my craft room, it will be hung! How convenient is that? So re-purpose your sewing gear or head down to your thrift stores, find a spool rack or other fun unconventional ways to organize and display your washi! What fun ideas have you come across lately?

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  1. Oh I love it! Now, I’m going to have to go find one! Right now, my collection is in a
    box <–so not cute! Oh and we have the same washi collection because PYP gets me every time! have a great day!

  2. I love washi tape and it is just piling everywhere!! I love this organization; I will definitely need to find something similar for my project area!

  3. What a great idea…thanks for sharing.

  4. how amazing that you were able to find that for so cheap and it works perfectly!

  5. What a great score! I love love how you found that deal on the rack for super cheap. LUCKY! I keep my washi tape in a tupperware type container that has 3 layers to it. So far mine only takes up 1 layer but Im sure it will outgrow the box eventually

  6. This is so perfect!!! What a great find. I will feature this on the FB page because the challenge this week is Recycle/Upcycle. Loving it!!!
    Dee, The CSI Project

  7. Very clever! I don’t yet have an organization system for my Washi tape. I just starting using it a few months ago and quickly became addicted. I’ll need to try this!

  8. that is great! looks so cool!

  9. That is an awesome find (and a great price)! I use a mug rack from Goodwill to hold mine. I had to get a second one because my collection had grown (also thanks to the Pick Your Plum promo). Here is the post I did on my rack: https://www.bkdarr.com/2013/03/upcycled-mug-rack-into-washi-tape-holder.html

  10. What a great idea!! I seriously never find anything in our Goodwill Store, but I’m always hopeful!

  11. I want to come do arts & crafts at your house!!


  12. 1) GENIUS! 2) I have been meaning to look into some washi tape and this has inspired me to do so.

  13. I bought a couple rolls of the washi tape but have not used it yet. I really need to do something with it before the hubby decides to get rid of it. LOL

  14. Loooove this!!! I have accumulated quite a bit of Washi now from both PYP and DownTown Tape (I see we have some of the same ones! lol). This is a fantastic idea that I am so copying when I have a place to hang it! (ie: when my Oldest son’s room turns into my craft room) 😉 Now I can only hope to find something like this at my GoodWill too! 🙂 Pinned it!
    xo, Claire

  15. What a great idea! I don’t have a craft room so everything is stored in boxes. I do have my washi tape box very handy though. Love that cute reindeer tape!

  16. So useful and pretty! I had mine in a jar too until I rigged up my storage on an old shutter 🙂 I’m toatlly adding this in my washi storage roundup page!

  17. Great idea … and even better when it was found for such an awesome price! I’m pinning.

  18. hey now this may actually work for my million and 2 rolls of washi tape that are currently in jars too. i end up at times using the one on the top just to avoid dumping the whole jar out :>P
    thanks for the great idea! :>D

  19. JaneEllen says

    Knew what you had your washi tape on right away as I’ve wanted one of those racks forever. Seems whenever I find one I’m out of money or it’s too expensive. Won’t buy one unless it’s on sale or I have a good coupon. Think it’s time to see if my clever handy hubs can make me one of those for washi tape and one for all my sewing thread. What a smart idea. I need to have my “stuff” out where can see it to inspire me. Sure glad you shared this idea. Happy week

  20. I love what you have done! Great idea! I am soo loving that you can see everything and access it easily!!

  21. I love it Kimberly! What a great solution! I love the natural wood with all the pops of color! And don’t you love seeing them all out on display?! It’s so fun!

    Thanks for sharing my solution too! 🙂

  22. Ahhhh washi-tape heaven! 🙂

  23. Super cool idea. Super find, too.

  24. I love this! I really love to have my stuff organized like that, I don’t like much piling things or put them all in a big box because at the end we forget about it! This is a great idea!

    Thanks for sharing

    Cami @ TitiCrafty by Camila

  25. I bought this at my local goodwill months ago. I was going to use it to hold my bracelets, but it didn’t work out like I wanted it to. I was going to donate until I saw your post. Can’t wait to do this with my washi!

  26. Oh I love it! I have the fancy dispenser from Michael’s but they only hold about 8 spools and I have to keep buying new racks and stacking them up. Seriously, at that rate it will be hitting my ceiling! 🙂 I’m heading to find a spool rack ASAP!

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